June 13, 2012

Emails to and from Sony Customer Service

I have a 1TB hard drive currently installed in my PS3, which is completely unusable, formatted, and buggy as bedamned. A few hours ago (around 9PM), I noticed the console getting a bit slow, so I used the recovery options in Safe Mode. First,I used Rebuild Database, which worked seamlessly, and then File System Restore, which stopped at 0% and said the drive needed to be formatted. I chose NO and turned off the console. I turned it on again. The same message appeared. I even tried removing the hard drive 
and putting it back in. Nothing! Even swapping the drive didn't make any difference! I had no option but to format the entire drive. After the format was complete, the drive is now very slow and unresponsive at times. All 300GB of my games and music are now gone, all because I used a tool that was supposed to defragment the hard drive, NOT destroy it. I deserve to be compensated for this hardship. Not only did I waste 100 euro on this drive, but also a ton on bandwidth used to download all the content. 
Please get back to me as soon as possible with some answers and possibly some solutions. In the meantime, I will be using the 250GB drive from now on.

Sony's Reply:
Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your recent e-mail.

I am very sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced.

Firstly, I wish to clarify that If a Hard Disc Drive is corrupted or faulty, then the system restore cannot restore the system.You would have been offered to format the Hard drive as an available alternative. You decided to select yes to format the drive and in doing so lost the data. It is important to note this and that you chose the option to format the data. It is clearly stated in our instruction manual and in the guarantee that if you reformat the hard drive this will wipe any files from it and that you should back up any data or files that you wish to retain. Also, by formatting the drive you have actively chosen to do so.

You mention that the system restore stopped at 0%. Along with this and your advise that the drive is now being very slow and unresponsive would indicate that it is indeed a faulty drive.

I completely understand your frustration regarding this matter, however I regret that we cannot offer any type of compensation. It is made clear before a reformat that data recovery would not be possible and we also make this clear in the product manual.

In order to get full understanding of the issue and to determine if the console (and drive) does indeed require an exchange, I suggest you contact one of our advisors on 0818365065 (National Rate) quoting incident number 292914, and they would be more then happy to go through some troubleshooting with you and advise further. If an exchange is required you will be instructed to return to your retailer.

If you have any other PlayStation related queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You have missed the point completely. My 1TB hard drive was never corrupted, and everything was working just fine, until I then decided to try a little maitenance using your recovery tools. The drive is only three months old, and was a replacement for a recent hard drive failure which I spent weeks trying to restore it, including the use of the Full Format option, etc. 
When I used your tools, they failed, and forced me to do a reformat. 
Fortunately, the drive seems to be still working as of today, but its still the loss of 54 games and all my save data thats made me rather annoyed at this situation.

As for choosing to format the data, there was no other option available, and since the backup tool will fail also as its not compatible with a large storage capacity, and there was no official notice or warning of this in any of the manuals.
The reason why it stopped at 0% is because the systems recovery software damaged the drive data, eliminating all means of recovery of files, just format. I had no intent to do a full format as 52 hours is a pretty long time, and theres no guarantee of it working.
I've seen cases of this on forums, blogs, websites, etc, all with large capacity SATA drives, with different makes.
I will now take into mind the fact that because the 1TB drive has a large reserved cache (about 5% of the drive) these tools will not need to be used ever again.
The drive is working fine now, and is showing an increase in performance. (probably the heat and strain on it reformatting three times). I'm also redownloading all my lost games, and using the cloud storage facility more for my save games. (eircom are going to have my ass on a plate).

Please keep in mind that I was not presented with any other option, but to format the drive, and it wasn't my choice, no matter how much you twist the words about. 

You folks at Sony should really let customers know of this problem, so people wont make the same mistake as I did. It's a major flaw in the recovery toolkit, and you should definitely look into it with a system update or something.

Another thing, you should also choose a different SATA drive manufacturer, as those TOSHIBA drives are set to fry or fail after a year or so (happened with my old 320GB drive, horrible experience). The one I'm using is a SAMSUNG SPINPOINT, which is quiet and more reliable.

Thank you for your reply by the way. Its nice to see a company looking out for its customers for once.

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